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The Art of Winning People Over

Learn to create “VIP” relationships in business and life to accelerate your success. Your relationships with people are like cups of coffee; what you put in them defines their taste.

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insights and reflections from clients sessions, research, and personal experience
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What my clients say

over the last 13 years, I've had the honor to be called upon by
people from various walks of business and life to be their coach. This is what they had to say.
  • Bullet-proof mindset for innovative franchise

    Munira Ishaq - Franchisee, Travel Counsellors
    "Khaled's turned my limiting beliefs around my entrepreneurial mindset into an innovative approach to running my business that gives me the ability to create lucrative strategic partnerships. He creates the ideal environment for the transformation I needed to scale my business."
  • Taking on a new Executive role at Amazon

    H. A. Alia - Executive, Amazon
    "Khaled appeared on my radar during a time when I was needing a decision making framework that will serve my short-term and long-term needs as an Amazon executive. He laser focused on helping me take on a new role and succeed in it. I reduced rumination over issues and focused on creating my own framework for success as an executive."
  • Growing business out of COVID-19

    Saad Rabia - Founder, Saad Studios
    "Khaled took us out of the challenging times of Covid-19 when it was crucial for us to seek new strategies at seeking brides and grooms looking to document their special day. He opened my eyes to potential leads I wouldn’t have thought of before and clarified new ways to promote my business to new audiences and track results."
  • Empowering women in Saudi through movement

    Nelly Attar, Founder of Move Riyadh
    "Khaled opened my eyes to how afraid I was of my potential and discover my true calling: To move the world and expand my personal brand. I started to live my best life & structure my time, lead authentically, & form lucrative brand partnerships. I learned quickly to to tap into my potential daily and activate business opportunities for success!"
  • A roadmap to results we wanted!

    Rasha Suleiman - Co-Founder, Oteek
    "Khaled designed for us a custom structured to generate new clients in a variety of ways. He provided a proven and easy roadmap to navigate and the results were great! Khaled gave me personally the tools to be more confident in approaching new clients and my elevator pitch!"
  • It was such a change of scenery

    Batool K. - Entrepreneur
    "I had never heard of life coaching before, but as a last resort, I reached out to Khaled. It was such a change of scenery from all the ineffective therapy sessions I was used to. They all dwelt on my past; whereas, Khaled helped me accept the past, forgive and look forward to the future and prepare for better things ahead."

International Strategic Partnership

Mars Venus Coaching Global Partner

Khaled, founder of Irtiqa Consulting, is the official partner of Mars Venus Coaching. Founded by best selling author, Dr. John Gray, Mars Venus is an education and training group based in 35+ countries with its headquarters in the United States.

Introducing Changing Narratives with Khaled

What does it take to bring out the best of people in business, relationships, and life beyond 2022? Successful Founders, Leaders, and Experts share insights on how being “In Element” delivered results.

Online Learning

Recent Courses

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The Art of Winning People Over

Join thousands of people who learned to win people over effortlessly! Get the 5 principles on how to create meaningful & impactful relationships in business and life.

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